VRT Population

Not Just Soil Types Anymore

Past management practices, manure, lime history and crop rotation all affect the soil. Historic yield is the only true way to get an accurate picture of what your fields can produce. It’s not just about soil types.

That’s why Hintzsche’s Yield Master™ is the solution. The program uses a complete data matrix that factors in all these variables. Then we create a report card on population. We check the prescription for your given hybrid for that given year.

Only after all these factors are considered can you know where to increase and decrease your planting.

VRT Nutrients

A major component of VRT planting that is usually ignored by the industry is VRT nutrients. The only way you will gain yield when you push population is if you also match that with nutrients. This is yet another area that makes Hintzsche’s Yield Master truly superior to other precision ag programs. We understand that if you are going to have a party with 100,000 people, you better have enough food to feed them. The same holds true with plants.