Hintzsche’s Transportation division is yet another specialty service that sets Hintzsche apart from other ag retailers. Our focus is to support our customers’ needs by making sure our peak-season fleets keep operations moving.

The rest of the year, we offer a full-service trucking company to external customer partners. With a top fleet of nine trucks and multiple trailers, we serve livestock, van trailers and other industries’ needs.

Clean DOT Inspection Recipients

When semi-truck drivers are pulled over for a Department of Transportation Level 3 inspection, Hintzsche will give them a $100 gift card if they pass 100 percent. The inspection is a driver-only inspection that involves license, log book, medical card and other paperwork. After drivers pass, they earn a window sticker signaling that they are exempt from the inspection for three months.

Congratulations to these drivers who have earned clean inspections:

  • Walt Seilheimer (multiple times)
  • Russ Berringer
  • Kevin Muldoon (multiple times)

Walt Seilheimer passed D.O.T. inspections with flying colors several times.


Walt Seilheimer and Jonathan “JT” Thompson


Kevin Muldoon and Jonathan “JT” Thompson