Hintzsche Pork Division is a multi-location, farrow-to-finish operation. The exceptional health of our animals is among the highest in the industry across the United States. We take pride in our high-quality nutrition provided to all our animals.

Our pork production ownership with key partners allows us to stay in close touch with the ever-changing pork industry. While we work with producers throughout Illinois and Iowa, Hintzsche retains ownership of each animal.

One thing that sets Hintzsche Pork apart from other companies is our commitment to our packers. We strive to meet each packer’s matrix needs, because of our steady flow of production.

The Hintzsche Pork team is comprised of quality people who take pride in caring for the animals. We work hard to do things right in our everyday operations. Hintzsche Pork provides nutritious, wholesome, healthy pork to our country’s major packing plants, and ultimately to the consumer’s table.

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February 2014:  Hintzsche Pork Hosts Annual Grower Meetings

Pork Meeting 2 (2)

Hz Pork meeting - Feb 2014