Nitrogen Management

Know Your N

No matter what Mother Nature is up to, one thing remains the same: a drop in nitrogen means a drop in yield.

With today’s science, there is no need to make blind decisions year after year. The best way to know what is right for your fields is Hintzsche’s Yield Master™ program.

Yield Master’s Ndex™

Hintzsche measures and tracks nitrogen efficiency compared to productivity. It uses the formula yield divided by the pounds of nitrogen per bushel.

Ndex = yield ÷ #N/bu

Our goal is to increase your Ndex to over 300.

For example, we have had growers reach 230 bushel @ 0.6#N/bu in parts of fields = Ndex of 366! Whereas an inefficient field yields 158 bushel @ 1.29#N = Ndex of 122.

Being able to map a field’s variability is critical. Nitrogen is an important component of that. We cannot properly manage nitrogen input costs unless we first understand how it’s being used in our fields. Hintzsche’s Yield Master Ndex is the answer.


Hintzsche’s NitroMax™ is a liquid side dress application that spoon-feeds corn from 4 to 30 inches. In order to get an extra punch of N without negative side effects, you also have to increase K. Hintzsche’s NitroMax provides both N and K and possibly micronutrients with impressive results. In a side-by-side comparison, the NitroMax™ side dress treatments delivered over 20-bushel boost per acre compared to the fertilizer application blanketed over the entire field.


Stop wasting existing nitrogen and other nutrients. Crop residue makes them unavailable to next year’s crop.  Maximize existing nutrients by improving crop decomposition. Hintzsche’s TrashBuster™ is a crop residue digester that is applied after fall harvest, preferably while it is still warm. It is an expert blending of N, P, K, S, and Ca. Sulfer and calcium are major components that are typically not found in other products on the market.

After harvest, carbon-to-nitrogen ratios start at corn 60:1, beans 30:1, and wheat 80:1. The goal is to achieve 20:1 before spring planting.

You will see numerous benefits:

  • Improves carbon/nitrogen ratio
  • Increases phosphorus availability
  • Improves potassium uptake
  • Provides sulfate, the only form of sulfur readily available to plants

Sulfur Bonus

Since the Clean Air Act of 1990, fields have struggled to maintain the necessary sulfur for high-performance corn production. When you choose certain Hintzsche products, like TrashBuster, you get an added bonus of sulfate, the only plant-ready form. Three university studies show an increase of 14-25 bushel* with a sulfur application.


* University of Minnesota, South Dakota State, Kansas State