High Yield Soybeans

Would You Like A 10-Bushel Gain?

Generations of Hintzsche’s research and experience have shown that soybeans are highly responsive to extreme management. We consistently see a 10-bushel response when applying our Mother Mix™. The key is applying the right product at the right stage.

Crop Protection

Hintzsche offers a full line of floaters and applicators to help farmers spray your fields. We offer the capability to add nitrogen with pre-emerge. Our post machines get Roundup sprayed in a timely manner.

We also offer a full line of herbicides to clean up dirty fields, kill weeds and prevent Roundup resistance in the future. Simultaneously, we are evaluating your crops to assess their need for micronutrients. Fungicides protect and enhance yield. Often, we prescribe a much-needed boron after tassel and before brown silk.

The answers aren’t the same for everyone. Hintzsche’s Yield Master™ program helps us look at the big picture with you to determine what’s right for your bottom line.