Crop Nutrients

Start Early, Save Money

When talking about crop nutrients, it’s not just the what, it’s also about the when. It is important that breakdown gets started in the fall, especially with corn-on-corn production. Hintzsche’s Yield Master™ program evaluates the amount of nitrogen and nutrients your fields need per acre. Often, fall applications make spring applications more efficient and effective. Ultimately, that improves yield.

Why Choose Fluid

Our fluid suspension fertilizers are a homogeneous blend of highly available nutrients.  We mix macro and micro ingredients to your field’s prescription and apply them in a broadcast or fall dribble band application for faster plant uptake.

Some of our ingredients, like ammonium sulfate (AMS), are environmentally friendly co-products that help clean the air and provide our growers with highly available sources of nitrogen and sulfur.

We offer industry standard dry bends of phosphate and potash. We also have superior storage and blending capabilities to keep ahead of your fall tillage during a hectic harvest season.

The Hintzsche experience has proven that nutrients in fluid suspension have incredible benefits over the industry standard dry products.  To start, the fluid is a highly available form. No environmental break down has to take place. Also, there is more ability to customize according to your needs.

For example, phosphorus isn’t tied to a nitrogen source, so it can be applied at a variable rate without a nitrogen+ penalty.  Another benefit is that AMS allows us to create superior blends, such as providing sulfer with the nitrogen. This also makes the phosphorus much more available. Lastly, fluid offers the ability to band or dribble for better placement, resulting in higher yield.

Protecting Your Lime Investment

Having the ability to add liquid lime to your P, N, K blend allows you to put on your There are many options, including lime, which give the plant everything it needs to break down.