The Burroughs Story

Just about the time that Hintzsche began in Troxel, Orville Burroughs opened Burroughs Trucking Company, with the purchase of one semi-tractor and trailer. A year later, in 1962, John H. Burroughs graduated from High School and joined his father. By 1970, the father-and-son team began selling fertilizer and chemicals.

In 1971, Burroughs Ag Services was born. It was located in an office building within the city limits of Toluca, IL. In 1987, Burroughs broke ground just outside of town, at the current location. It took two years to complete.

Meanwhile, John and Sandy Burroughs purchased S&J Ag Services in Nevada, IA. Throughout the 1990s, Burroughs Ag Services expanded to include facilities in Washburn, Varna, Minonk, Sparland, Lostant, and Wyoming. Also, an ammonia storage site was added at Dana.

In 2011, Burroughs Ag Services came into the fold of the Hintzsche Companies. The union made sense, since both companies have a long tradition of family-owned pride in service and value. Burroughs also adds an impeccable fleet of equipment to the operation.

Burroughs will continue as a subsidiary of Hintzsche Fertilizer.