Growers who use Yield Master gain 20 bushel more than county average.*

Hintzsche’s complete agronomy program, called Yield Master, is second-to-none. We focus on innovative strategies that make sense for each grower in their individual fields. Tapping our vast experience and leveraging cutting edge technology, Hintzsche works with you to give you the most for every dollar you spend. In the world of ag, Hintzsche means value. 

Yield Master

We, at Hintzsche, believe that before we can prescribe solutions, we must first take a look at your entire operation.  Which fields have been consistently producing well?  Which areas need some nutritional assistance?  Our Yield Master is the most advanced precision ag program available. You don’t have to be a computer whiz to use our system.  Our sophisticated technology does all the work.

Agronomy vs. Economy

Hintzsche understands that at the end of the day, farming is about the bottom line. That’s why our recommendations aren’t a hard line prescription for what you must do. Instead, we partner with you in a back-and-forth discussion to help you make the most economic sense out of your field.

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