About Us

Hintzsche Fertilizer, Inc. is the leading independent, multi-location agronomy retailer in North-Central Illinois. Founded by two brothers, Richard and Kenneth Hintzsche in 1962, this unique second-generation company began as a small feed and grain business.  Since that time, it has evolved into extensive agronomy, seed, feed and pork divisions, employing over 150 full-time employees.

Over the past 50 plus years, Hintzsche has served the industry by offering value-driven agricultural products and services that are tailored to our customers’ unique needs.


As an honest and trustworthy, family-owned company, we are committed to establishing and maintaining long-term and mutually-profitable partnerships with our customers and employees.

Hintzsche provides innovative products, information and services to the agriculture community.


  • 1962   Two ambitious farmers, Ken and Rich Hintzsche,founded the company
  • 1963   New feed mill was built at Troxel
  • 1965   Fluid fertilizer plant was built at Troxel
  • 1967   Acquired Sycamore Feed Mill
  • 1968   First Big A applicator was purchased
  • 1969   Acquired Yorkville Feed Mill (D&H Ag Center)
  • 1971   Built grain elevator at Troxel
  • 1976   Acquired Kirkland Feed Mill and Grain Elevator
  • 1979   Acquired DeKalb Fertilizer (with two new plants in DeKalb and Kirkland)
  • 1984   Acquired Hinckley Grain Co. (locations in Hinckley and Waterman)
  • 1987   Built 6.5 million bushel grain storage in Troxel and Waterman
  • 1990   Acquired Maple Park Oil Co.
  • 1992   Acquired Bowman Oil Co.
  • 1994   Started Timber Ridge Pork (Sheridan)
  • 1996   Established Hintzsche-Gould Pork
  • 1996   Started Seed business
  • 1997   Started Premier Resource Alliance (PRA) agronomic services
  • 1998   Established partnership with Ed Peterson Pork in Kingston
  • 2000  Acquired Cortland-DeKalb Yards seed and grain business in Cortland
  • 2000  Leased Fasco Grain facilities in Sycamore/Genoa
  • 2001  Acquired Minooka plant
  • 2002  Acquired Scarboro plant
  • 2003  Purchased Maytown Pork from CGB and leased Hintzsche grain business to CGB
  • 2006  Began Maytown Pork expansion in Amboy
  • 2007  Acquired Olsen Oil
  • 2008  Sold Grain assets to The DeLong Company, Inc.
  • 2008  Built NPK Logistics, a UAN storage site on the Illinois River in Peru
  • 2011   Acquired Burroughs Ag Services (with eight Agronomy locations)
  • 2012   Built third UAN storage tank at NPK Logistics
  • 2013   Acquired Walter Seed & Fertilizer (Grand Ridge, IL)
  • 2013   Sold Petroleum business to Conserv FS