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 The agronomy division of Hintzsche Fertilizer, Inc. has been sold to Helena Chemical Company, effective 10/20/2014.  The agronomy locations continue to be in operation with all of the same great people you have enjoyed working with for the past 52 years.  The Hintzsche family thanks you for your business and wishes you all well.  Click here for more information on Helena Chemical Company.

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Hintzsche Fertilizer, Inc. is the leading independent, multi-location agronomy retailer in North-Central Illinois. Founded by two brothers, Richard and Kenneth Hintzsche in 1962, this unique second-generation company began as a small feed and grain business.  Since that time, it has evolved into extensive agronomy, seed, feed and pork divisions, employing over 150 full-time employees.

Over the past 50 plus years, Hintzsche has served the industry by offering value-driven agricultural products and services that are tailored to our customers’ unique needs.


As an honest and trustworthy, family-owned company, we are committed to establishing and maintaining long-term and mutually-profitable partnerships with our customers and employees.

Hintzsche provides innovative products, information and services to the agriculture community.


  • 1962   Two ambitious farmers, Ken and Rich Hintzsche,founded the company
  • 1963   New feed mill was built at Troxel
  • 1965   Fluid fertilizer plant was built at Troxel
  • 1967   Acquired Sycamore Feed Mill
  • 1968   First Big A applicator was purchased
  • 1969   Acquired Yorkville Feed Mill (D&H Ag Center)
  • 1971   Built grain elevator at Troxel
  • 1976   Acquired Kirkland Feed Mill and Grain Elevator
  • 1979   Acquired DeKalb Fertilizer (with two new plants in DeKalb and Kirkland)
  • 1984   Acquired Hinckley Grain Co. (locations in Hinckley and Waterman)
  • 1987   Built 6.5 million bushel grain storage in Troxel and Waterman
  • 1990   Acquired Maple Park Oil Co.
  • 1992   Acquired Bowman Oil Co.
  • 1994   Started Timber Ridge Pork (Sheridan)
  • 1996   Established Hintzsche-Gould Pork
  • 1996   Started Seed business
  • 1997   Started Premier Resource Alliance (PRA) agronomic services
  • 1998   Established partnership with Ed Peterson Pork in Kingston
  • 2000  Acquired Cortland-DeKalb Yards seed and grain business in Cortland
  • 2000  Leased Fasco Grain facilities in Sycamore/Genoa
  • 2001  Acquired Minooka plant
  • 2002  Acquired Scarboro plant
  • 2003  Purchased Maytown Pork from CGB and leased Hintzsche grain business to CGB
  • 2006  Began Maytown Pork expansion in Amboy
  • 2007  Acquired Olsen Oil
  • 2008  Sold Grain assets to The DeLong Company, Inc.
  • 2008  Built NPK Logistics, a UAN storage site on the Illinois River in Peru
  • 2011   Acquired Burroughs Ag Services (with eight Agronomy locations)
  • 2012   Built third UAN storage tank at NPK Logistics
  • 2013   Acquired Walter Seed & Fertilizer (Grand Ridge, IL)
  • 2013   Sold Petroleum business to Conserv FS
  • 2014   Sold Agronomy business (including Hintzsche Fertilizer, Burroughs Ag Services, and Walter Seed and Fertilizer to Helena Chemical Company